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*This is a sample report and the information provided will vary from vehicle to vehicle.
Alerts are triggered by data constraints falling outside what in the opinion of LemonCheck Ltd are safe parameters.

BEWARE: LemonCheck Ltd does check for securities on all past plates but most of our competitors do not. With a Lemoncheck Vehicle History Report you are protected against unforeseen claimants for money owing on the vehicle you purchase but using most of our competitors does not give you the same level of protection.

Note on the 1st May 2011 the government introduced new legislation that restricts access to the NZ Transport Agencies Motor Vehicle Registry. Subsequently personal information for current and previous individual registered owners (ie, names and address) are no longer available. Company and organisation names are still available.

LemonCheck Vehicle History Report
lemon LemonCheck Vehicle History Report
Plate : AB1234 - 2008 FORD RANGER 2.5TD XL SC C/C 4X2 in SILVER Valid as at: 15-08-2008 01:42:58
error Alerts:
The following alerts have been generated for this vehicle:
Security registered in the PPSR (money owing or Auto Check) Explanation
RUC (road user charges) alert Explanation
key Search Criteria
Plate / VIN: AB1234 Report Reference: 1132-5494
Email Address: Requestor Name: Not Specified
Date / Time: 15-08-2008 / 01:42:58 Payment Method: VISA
car Vehicle Summary
This vehicle is a New Zealand new Silver 2008 Ford Ranger 2.5TD XL SC C/C 4X2.
The vehicle has NOT been reported stolen.
It has NOT been deemed as Water damaged by NZ Customs.
It was NOT seized by NZ Customs for unreliable odometer.
It has NOT been deemed as an accident damaged import by the NZTA.
It has had 2 registered owners and the highest odometer known is 22 Kilometres.
The current registered owner is INFORMATION NOT AVAILABLE.
The last WOF inspection was on 28-04-2008 and was issued a Pass.
The current WOF will expire on 28-04-2009. (8 months and 13 days)
The licence (registration label) will expire on 27-04-2009 (8 months and 12 days)
The VIN is MNABSAE245W678910 (Mike,November,Alpha,Bravo,Sierra,Alpha,Echo,2,4,5,Whiskey,6,7,8,9,1,0)
wrench Vehicle Details
Year: 2008 Body Style: Utility Fuel consumption: 8.3 l / 100 klm
Make: Ford No of seats: 3 Yearly Cost: $1,960
Model: Ranger CC Rating: 2499 CO2 Emissions: 3.5 stars (out of 6)
Submodel: 2.5TD XL SC C/C 4X2 Fuel Type: Diesel Pollutants Rating: 3 stars (out of 6)
Main Colour: Silver Assembly Type: Imported Built-Up Driver Safety: No data entered
Second Colour: No data entered Country of Origin: THA Others Safety: No data entered
Vehicle Type: Goods Van/Truck/Utility Gross Vehicle Mass: 2841 Test Regime: EUR3
Latest Odometer Reading: 22Km Highest Known Odometer Reading: 22Km
Vehicle Identification Basic Facts
Plate: AB1234 Reported Stolen: No
VIN: MNABSAE245W678910 Reliable Odometer: Yes
Engine No: 18404 Damaged Import: No
Chassis No: No data entered Fire / Water damage: No
page_white_text Registration Details
Registration Warrant of Fitness
Registered Overseas: No Subject to WOF: Yes
First registered in NZ: 28-04-2008 (3 months and 17 days) Latest WOF Inspection: Pass 28-04-2008
Last Registration: 28-04-2008 New WOF Expiry: 28-04-2009 (8 months and 13 days)
Registration Status: Active
Licence Road User Charges
Licence issue date: 28-04-2008 11:24 Subject to RUC: Yes RUC (road user charges) alert
Licence expiry date: 27-04-2009 (8 months and 12 days) RUC Issued: No data entered
Licence Type: No data entered RUC Licence Type: No data entered
Vehicle usage: Private Passenger RUC Vehicle Type: No data entered
Continuous Licence: Yes RUC Distance: No data entered
user_green Ownership History Details

Note the details below do NOT constitute a certificate of legal ownership but is merely a record of registered persons of the motor vehicle. Accordingly you are advised to take all reasonable steps to ensure you are dealing with a genuine seller and owner of the vehicle.

Ownership: 2 registered New Zealand persons on the records.

1. INFORMATION NOT AVAILABLE (current owner) Status: Complete
Owned since: 08-05-2008 (for 3 months and 7 days) Location:
2. CAR SUPERMARKET LTD Status: Complete
Owned since: 28-04-2008 (for 10 days) Location: Featherston
odometer Odometer History Details
Odometer history chart.
Date Reading Distance Source
28-04-2008 22 K Warrant of Fitness Inspection
29-02-2008 16 K 6 K Warrant of Fitness Inspection
money_dollar Security Interest Details

1 financing statement (money owing) found matching search criteria; Plate(s): AB1234, VIN: MNABSAE245W678910, Chassis: MNABSAE245W678910

Check with the seller and/or contact MY FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED on (03) 435 1290 for further advise.
Once the financing statement has been discharged you can confirm this at a reduced charge of $7.50 (GST Inclusive) by clicking here to recheck for money owing .
Collateral Details Financing Statement Details
Year: 2008 FS Number: FP32VF54T943R583
Make: FORD Status: Registered
Model: RANGER Registered: 29-04-2008 12:21:08
Plate Number: AB1234 Expires: 29-04-2013
VIN: MNABSAE245W678910 Version: No data entered
Chassis: No data entered
Secured Party Details (1) Contact Details
Secured Party (1): MY FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED Contact Person / Title: CHRIS MOREHEAD
Phone: (03) 435 1290 Contact Email:
Contact Address: PO BOX 2365, DUNEDIN, NZ Email: No data entered
Mailing Address: No data entered Fax: +64 3 432-3293
Debtor Details (1)
Debtor Name: MIKE NELSON Debtor Phone: No data entered
note Alert Definitions
1. One or more financing statements matching the vehicle details were found at the PPSR (Personal Property Security Registry). This means that a person or company has registered an interest against the vehicle. Prior to purchasing the vehicle it is important to ensure that any financing statements are discharged otherwise the vehicle may be legally repossessed to repay the outstanding debt. A registered financing statement typically indicates that the vehicle was purchased using finance or a loan. Other possible reasons may be that the vehicle was used as collateral for a personal / company loan or there is an unpaid repair bill.Sometimes the LemonCheck report can also display a financing statement on a completely different vehicle. This is because the system searches all past (eg, personalised) plates to ensure no valid financing statements are registered against an old plate. Subsequently it can occasionally match on another vehicle that has had security registered against one of the past plates.
2. This vehicle requires a current RUC to be legally on the road. The vehicle should technically have a current RUC license before being sold, if not, you (the new owner) will be responsible for any unpaid RUCs. Check that the RUC license has a greater end distance value than the current odometer reading on the actual car ie: RUC license start distance is 100,000km and ends at 110,000km then make sure the odometer reading is not greater than 109,000km. All RUC vehicles should be sold with at least 1,000 km’s in credit. RUCs can be purchased by distance (in units of 1000 km) or by date.
Thank you for using the LemonCheck vehicle history checking system. LemonCheck is operated by LemonCheck Limited a NZ registered company. For enquiries contact us at or phone 09 420 3090 or write PO Box 8212, Symonds Street, Auckland 1150. The information within this report was compiled from several disparate databases and is only valid as at 15-08-2008 01:42:58. LemonCheck Limited or its agents do not accept any liability with respect to the accuracy, errors and/or omissions of the information in this report.
GST Invoice: This is a GST Invoice for NZ $20.00 GST #83-146-532 Report version: 10.2/5.02/1.0.0 (00:00:06)
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