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Success Stories

This testimony is from one of our finance company customers.

Lemon Check is incredibly easy to access with reliable and accurate information available to us 24/7. What is even more useful is their new monitoring system which has become an essential tool to our Finance Company in allowing access to vital information such as lapsed Registration, WOF and change of ownership details, as it falls due. Not only are we in total control of the activity relating to our security but also it allows us to contact our clients and offer friendly and constructive information that they may well have over looked.

We believe Lemon Check to be more of an investment to us than just another monthly overhead.

Thank you LemonCheck.

Jane Dunkerley


Read about some of our lucky customers that used our services.

Bugger I bought a lemon
Mike found out after he bought his new toy that it had an expired license and the registration was cancelled. He found out about LemonCheck after he bought his car and decided to use the service anyway “to make sure” everything was “OK” but got a fright. His new baby was de-registered and requires a further $500-$700 spent on it before he can legally drive it.

Here is his comment:
“I couldn’t believe the information in the LemonCheck Vehicle History Report. If I had used the LemonCheck service before I bought it I would have negotiated the price better and saved a further $600 odd bucks”. I will definitely use LemonCheck before I buy my next car.

LemonCheck to the rescue
Nick was the very first customer of LemonCheck and that was before the product was officially released. Here’s what happened.

Nick was in the office of people developing our website and saw details of LemonCheck on the developers computer screen. He was in the throes of purchasing a car and took the time to give us a call. The car he checked revealed three alerts. First the seller was a known unlicensed dealer, second the car was un-registered and worst of all the car had money owing on it. He wisely declined that purchase and went on to to check another vehicle that a LemonCheck revealed had no complications.

LemonCheck saved Nick approximately $13,800.

Here is his comment:

“The team at LemonCheck has been excellent to deal with; I was impressed with the report provided and would recommend LemonCheck to anyone before purchasing a vehicle of any value.”


Nick Hay
Youth Communication Specialist

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